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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroboticro‧bot‧ic /rəʊˈbɒtɪk $ roʊˈbɑː-/ adjective  1 [only before noun] robotic equipment etc is related to robots or is part of a robot the space shuttle’s robotic arm2 someone who is robotic acts like a robot by making stiff movements, not showing any human feelings etc
Examples from the Corpus
roboticWill there still remain a world for these robotic beings to inhabit?Possible applications are in robotic control systems and military target / friend-or-foe identification.The surgeons and robotic engineers hope to replace part of the surgeons activity with a robot.The space agency plans to launch robotic missions to Mars every two years.What a contrast to today's robotic, serious-faced professionals diligently pacing to the nearest foot the distances between ball and flag.But his lack of experience and robotic speaking style made it difficult for him to keep pace with Dole.Carrying out the precision drilling in a delicate hip replacement operation is the world's first robotic surgeon.
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