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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrobustro‧bust /rəˈbʌst, ˈrəʊbʌst $ rəˈbʌst, ˈroʊ-/ ●○○ adjective  1 STRONG PERSONa robust person is strong and healthy a robust man of six feet foursee thesaurus at healthy2 HEALTHYa robust system, organization etc is strong and not likely to have problems The formerly robust economy has begun to weaken.3 STRONG OBJECTa robust object is strong and not likely to break syn sturdy a robust metal cabinetsee thesaurus at strong4 DETERMINEDshowing determination or strong opinions a typically robust performance by the prime minister5 robust food or flavours have a good strong taste a robust cheeserobustly adverbrobustness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
robustLife on Earth is enormously robust.Though he was over seventy, he was still robust and active.In contrast this very basic technique is robust and computationally simple.Compact Flash memory is about the most robust digital film.Mrs. Lutu is a robust, energetic mother of four.Commendable to see such robust energy at work.On the night the estimation within the political class was that Gore had consolidated a robust if narrow lead.He was a robust little boy, with curly dark hair.He wore a tweed jacket over a dark blue turtle-necked jersey and he had a robust mod mustache.Liz had a more robust notion of the self, and took another line on the individual's place in the structure.Less robust persons might need a siesta, but Eva worked right through from dawn till dusk.Use robust plants, rocks and bogwood, and include some floating plants for this surface swimmer.Paul travelled north to visit his parents, who he found less robust than before.The chair was more robust than it looked.Retail sales have been robust this year."I plead not guilty, " Zhivkov stated in a robust voice.
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