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rock face

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrock faceˈrock face noun [countable]  a very steep surface of rock on the side of a mountain
Examples from the Corpus
rock faceBelow the bushes lay a ledge and then a sheer rock face plunging forty feet to the clay-reddened lake.The path down to the beach was a precarious one, tiny steps hewn out of the sheer rock face.Steve had to fix a belay around a boulder while the porters lowered barrels, bags and sacks down the rock face.We stopped to look at the ruins built into a cut in the rock face of one of the cliffs.The heat-seekers would be drawn by the steaming wound in the rock face, Defries realized; they'd ignore Daak.The body in its shroud of ice stayed fixed to the rock face.
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