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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrock-hardˌrock-ˈhard adjective  1 extremely hard The bread was stale and rock-hard.2 British EnglishSTRONG PERSON strong and not afraid of anyone – used humorously
Examples from the Corpus
rock-hardHer father, under a soft, plump, vague appearance, was rock-hard.It was rock-hard and dry as a biscuit.Granny Weatherwax lay in it, her dress torn, her hair uncoiling from its rock-hard bun.The result, taut abs, a rock-hard butt and twanging musculature, was still not enough to save her marriage.As he stuck a sceptical thumb into a tub of rock-hard Camembert, he knew he was facing a first-class mess.Tekla, the dark-eyed young Gentile woman with red cheeks, brought us tea and rock-hard kichel.Many had protective foils like thorns and spines, with much of the plant tissue containing rock-hard phytoliths or tough fibrous cellulose.
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