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rodeoro‧de‧o /ˈrəʊdiəʊ, rəʊˈdeɪ-əʊ $ ˈroʊdioʊ, roʊˈdeɪ-oʊ/ noun (plural rodeos) [countable]  DLDSHa type of entertainment in which cowboys ride wild horses, catch cattle with ropes, and ride in races
Examples from the Corpus
rodeoHe was named after a 1960s rodeo cowboy...The bison trainer married Margaret Lesher late last year, a few months after meeting her at a rodeo.At a rodeo in Billings, organizers offer literature defending their treatment of livestock to counter animal-rights objections.Take a stroll in downtown Denver during rodeo fortnight.It was at this first rodeo that the first aerial refueling was carried out.The columnists' high-horse rodeo had begun.Cowboys received $ 8 million in payouts in sanctioned rodeos in 1995, but many still claim to have trouble covering expenses.
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