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Polanski, Roman

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishPolanski, RomanRoman PolanskiPo‧lan‧ski, Roman /pəˈlænski/  (1933–) a Polish film director who, after some early films in Poland, has made his films in English. His films are often about violence or madness, and they include Rosemary's Baby (1968), Chinatown (1974), and The Pianist (2002), for which he won an Academy Award. He was married to the actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered by Charles Manson and his followers in 1969. He left the US in 1977 because he was wanted by the police for having sex with a very young woman, and he has worked in Europe since then. In 2009 the US authorities asked the Swiss police to arrest him so that he could be sent for trial in the US. He was kept under house arrest (=not allowed to leave his home), but set free in July 2010.
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