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RomanesqueRo‧man‧esque /ˌrəʊməˈnesk◂ $ ˌroʊ-/ adjective  AAin the style of building that was popular in Western Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries, and had many round arches and thick pillars
Examples from the Corpus
RomanesqueIt incorporates three influences: Roman, Byzantine and Romanesque.The church however still retains its original Romanesque basilica form.From here we descend to the crypt and find ourselves surrounded by the 11C remains of the Romanesque basilica.A smaller Romanesque church survives at Lébeny, near Györ.The Church of St Havel with its Romanesque foundations was surrounded by the houses of wealthy merchants.In Czechoslovakia Romanesque structures were being erected from the early tenth century, in the form of castles and churches.Gothic architecture evolved from the Romanesque style but its characteristics are different.The building represents many construction periods from Romanesque to late Gothic.
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