Date: 1600-1700
Language: French
Origin: romantique, from Old French romans; ROMANCE1


1 adjective

showing love

showing strong feelings of love:
'Tom always sends me red roses on my birthday.' 'How romantic!'

relating to love

relating to feelings of love or a loving relationship:
After dinner, they took a romantic stroll by the sea.
real old-fashioned romantic love
I'm not ready for a romantic relationship.


a romantic story or film is about love:
a romantic comedy


beautiful in a way that affects your emotions and makes you think of love or adventure:
romantic music
The castle is set in one of England's most romantic landscapes.

not practical

romantic ideas are not practical or not based on reality [≠ realistic]
romantic notion/view/idea etc
romantic notions about becoming a famous actress
Like many New Yorkers, he had a romantic image of country life.

Romantic art/literature etc

ASH art or literature that is based on the ideas of romanticism
romantically adverb

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