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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroomfulroom‧ful /ˈruːmfʊl, ˈrʊm-/ noun [countable]  LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTGROUP OF PEOPLEa large number of things or people that are all together in one roomroomful of a roomful of reporters
Examples from the Corpus
roomfulMuch to his horror he was swept off his fret and sent flying through the corridors by a roomful of water.Displays suitable for a roomful of people are less advanced.In a roomful of thin boys one fat boy is odd man out.I was a kid managing a roomful of people with five times my experience.But he did it, right in front of a roomful of people.She had found it difficult to teach a roomful of students who ranged from rank beginners to professional level.Years ago, I was standing before a large roomful of our most successful distributors at a conference in Rio.A whole roomful of precious stones.roomful ofa roomful of reporters
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