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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrose-tintedˈrose-ˌtinted adjective British English  x-refrose-coloured
Examples from the Corpus
rose-tintedComfort 41 rose-tinted lenses cost about £20 on order from most opticians - add £10 for prescription lenses.Already the sun was glowing red, its rose-tinted light catching the glitter of ice.We are all familiar with the rose-tinted particulars produced by some of the less reputable estate agents.It was pointed out that contrary to the rose-tinted spectacles view, Britain has a long history of riot and disorder.Q: Perhaps, being on honeymoon, you wore rose-tinted spectacles?The links between high viewing figures and rose-tinted versions of the past have obviously been identified by the programme makers.They win their parents over with a rose-tinted vision of the world which is decidedly reassuring.
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