Language: Old English
Origin: Latin rosa


1 noun
Related topics: Colours, Drink, Gardening, Plants, Tools
rose1 S3 W3


[countable]HBPDLG a flower that often has a pleasant smell, and is usually red, pink, white, or yellow, or the bush that this flower grows on:
a dozen red roses
A large bouquet of roses arrived on her desk.


[uncountable]CC a pink colour

something is not a bed of roses

also something is not all roses British English informal if a job or situation is not a bed of roses, it is not always pleasant and there are difficult things to deal with:
It's no bed of roses teaching in a secondary school.

put the roses back in somebody's cheeks

British English informal to make someone look healthy again

be coming up roses

informal to be happening or developing in the best possible way

come out of something/come up smelling of roses

informal to do well or get an advantage from a situation, when you could have been blamed, criticized, or harmed by it:
She managed to come out of the deal smelling of roses.

for water

[countable] British EnglishDLGTZ a circular piece of metal with holes in it that is attached to the end of a pipe or watering can so that liquid comes out in several thin streams

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