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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrosewoodrose‧wood /ˈrəʊzwʊd $ ˈroʊz-/ noun [uncountable]  TIDHFa hard dark red wood, used for making expensive furniture
Examples from the Corpus
rosewoodThe round dining table is dark rosewood with a matching set of chairs.Two large, low rosewood chests now stood on either side of Judy's bed to hold all the work clutter.To the right was a parlor with more rosewood paneling.It is very old, eighteenth century perhaps, made of rosewood, the graceful slim legs elegantly curved.He glanced at the carriage clock on the polished rosewood desk.The neck is maple, with a slab rosewood fingerboard which has sprouted twenty-one nicely seated, thin frets.Exclusive folding designs are handmade in solid rosewood by craftsmen in the Far East, with careful attention to detail.He opened the unlocked door to a vestibule with rosewood paneling and a burgundy tiled floor.
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