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rostrumros‧trum /ˈrɒstrəm $ ˈrɑː-/ noun [countable]  APMa small platform that you stand on when you are making a speech or conducting musicians syn podium
Examples from the Corpus
rostrumThe odd Militant supporter appears at the conference rostrum and is easy to spot.His equipment is a flat, white topped desk with an electronic rostrum camera mounted above it.Christie's auctioneer Colin Sheaf mounted his rostrum in front of a wall of 1,100 blue and white vases.Hence the portentous, and even fatuous slogan which towered each year in brightest blue above the rostrum.His head knocked on the steps of the rostrum as if asking to be let in.He was ill and lame - and as I am now he had great difficulty in getting to the rostrum.It was an exultant feeling, climbing on to the rostrum, waving to the crowd and receiving my medal.From the moment he took the rostrum, Gergiev had his musicians tensely perched on the edge of their seats.
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