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1 [uncountable] when something turns with a circular movement around a central point
rotation of
the rotation of the Earth on its axis
rotation about/around
the planet's rotation around the sun
2 [countable]TM one complete circular turn around a central point [= revolution]:
The blades spin at 100 rotations per minute.
3 [uncountable] the practice of regularly changing the thing that is being used or done, or the person who does a particular job:
job rotation
in rotation
Three plays will be performed in rotation during the drama festival.
4 [countable] American English a period of time spent doing a particular job, when you will soon change to a different job for the same employer:
a young doctor on a rotation in the children's ward
5 [countable] American English the people who each take a turn to do a particular job in a regular order:
The rotation included two rookies, Hernandez and Saunders.
rotational adjective

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