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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrotundro‧tund /rəʊˈtʌnd $ roʊ-/ adjective  HBHFAThaving a fat round body – used humorously syn stoutrotundity noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
rotundIn casting the Sensorites Mervyn Pinfield went deliberately for older, more rotund actors.In place of a wand she had housemaids, parlor maids, laundresses, cooks, and a rotund chauffeur named Courtney.It was rust-red and black with its rotund decay, smelling dank and casting a shell-shadow.The picture shows him as a stocky, almost rotund man.The endearing bathos and crassness of Laurel found an admirable foil in the elephantine smugness of his rotund partner.Sadly, the forty-five-year-old's rotund physique proved too much and he was forced to retire for an early bath.Anything that has ornate carving or gilding, a rotund profile or shapely curved legs is ideal.She was a short, gray-haired, rotund woman of weary carriage and a dignity appropriate to her remarkable birth.
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