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rotundaro‧tun‧da /rəʊˈtʌndə $ roʊ-/ noun [countable]  TBBa round building or hall, especially one with a dome
Examples from the Corpus
rotundaAt a rotunda devoted to the death of Stalin people were chuckling.I had been arrested in the Capitol rotunda for a nonviolent protest the day the House passed its version of the bill.The Flat Earth Society must be successfully signing up members in the Capitol rotunda.Each rotunda was devoted to a different aspect of recent Czech history.At the park entrance is that familiar little rotunda.More than £5,000 was raised, and this will be used for planting the garden and park surrounding Ickworth's rotunda.But here, in the rotunda of the Astor House, a nickel would buy only a glass of beer.The rotunda was demolished in 1804.
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