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roublerou‧ble British English, ruble American English /ˈruːbəl/ noun [countable]  PECthe standard unit of money in Russia and Belarus
Examples from the Corpus
roubleShe will take a fiver, a tenner, a 25 rouble note if pushed.Currency market is established with a view to making rouble convertible.Taking a one rouble note from my wallet, I tapped on his window.But that estimate has risen sharply because most rely on importing components, and the rouble has since halved in value.Single exchange rate for the rouble.The central bank said it would stop supporting the rouble and promised that cheap credits to moribund industries will be phased out.In August the bank chairman, Vadim Hetman, demanded a tactical retreat from the coupon and a return to the rouble.The rouble fell in trading on Sept. 22 from US$1.00 roubles to US$1.00 roubles.
From Longman Business Dictionaryroublerou‧ble /ˈruːbəl/ (also ruble) noun [countable]FINANCE the standard unit of money in Russia
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