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rough and ready

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrough and readyrough and readySIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATEDnot perfect, but good enough for a particular purpose The tests are only a rough and ready guide to a pupil’s future development. rough
Examples from the Corpus
rough and readyHere are my calculations. They're a little rough and ready as yet, but you'll get a general idea.It made the rough and ready assumption that the underlying cure of unemployment would be provided by Keynesian economics.Justice was administered in a rough and ready fashion, without using courts or juries.Only rough and ready figures are available because of problems of definition.These can never be anything more than very rough and ready guidelines.She could talk in quite rough and ready language if occasion demanded.All have a kitchen with smoke-blackened stone walls and a rough and ready loo hut.This is a rather rough and ready technique.In a rough and ready way we can divide the ways in which a government controls and influences people into three.
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