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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroughlyrough‧ly /ˈrʌfli/ ●●● S2 adverb  1 APPROXIMATELYnot exactly syn about, approximately There were roughly 200 people there. Azaleas flower at roughly the same time each year.roughly equal/comparable/equivalent two rocks of roughly equal sizeroughly speaking (=used when saying something without giving exact details or information) Roughly speaking, I’d say we need about $500.see thesaurus at approximate2 CAREFUL#not gently or carefully He grabbed her roughly.
Examples from the Corpus
roughlyMartin makes roughly $150,000 a year.A new kitchen would cost roughly $6,000.Indeed this is roughly as far as anyone has got.Theophylline is roughly as potent as caffeine; theobromine is seven times weaker than either.The piece is a roughly chiselled block of wood with nails knocked into the arms, chest and face.Its original alignment was roughly continued towards Castor, however, by a ditched trackway flanked by various enclosure boundaries.Under the agreement Mondadori was to be split into roughly equal halves, each worth around US$800 million.Jill spends roughly four hours a day working on her book.As long as you know roughly how to do it, that's fine.The colours were roughly matched for salience in pilot studies with healthy observers.The man was roughly my own age.The back lane, roughly on the line of the original through road, is exactly that.She roughly pushed me toward the door.Yes, that's roughly the right answer.roughly speakingThese great innovations, roughly speaking, are what this book is about.In the age of Otto the word emperor could be used, roughly speaking, in four different ways.Thus, roughly speaking, one's ability to make definite predictions is halved.
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