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round-tripˈround-trip1 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š TTTRAVELa journey to a place and back again πŸ”Š a round-trip ticket from Los Angeles to New York30 mile/360 kilometre/2 hour etc round trip πŸ”Š A coachload of supporters made the 700-mile round trip to South Devon.round-trip of πŸ”Š It’s a round trip of 90 miles.
Examples from the Corpus
round-tripβ€’ It takes four round trips to qualify for a free ticket.β€’ Distributors would travel perhaps a 1,500-kilometre round trip to collect stocks of vehicle accessories.β€’ Duncan charged Β£5-a-head for the 200-mile round trip to the new brewery.β€’ He had made the round trip in a day.β€’ It had begun, five years ago, as Project Jupiterthe first manned round trip to the greatest of the planets.β€’ London flights are $ 418 a person round trip.β€’ NetSAAver fares are based on distance and usually range from $ 69 to $ 299 round trip, the airline says.β€’ The round trip of some twelve miles is one of the finest of mountain expeditions.β€’ The boatmen who brought trade goods up the Missouri as far as the Yellowstone made $ 220 for the round trip.made ... round tripβ€’ He had made the round trip in a day.
Related topics: Transport
round-tripround-trip2 adjective [only before noun] American English πŸ”Š πŸ”Š TTTRAVELa round-trip ticket includes the journey to a place and back again opp one-way syn return British English β€”round trip adverb
Examples from the Corpus
round-tripβ€’ Included in the cost are round-trip airfare from New York, hotel accommodations, kosher breakfasts and dinners, sightseeing and transfers.β€’ Passengers receive round-trip coach travel from any Amtrak city to the QE2 for either of two 12-day sailings.β€’ Passengers flying to Rio from other cities for the cruise will receive free round-trip economy air fare.β€’ A one-way fare is $ 10 more than half the round-trip fare.β€’ Advance-purchase, round-trip fares start at $ 965.β€’ Stay alert for airline specials; you can often find amazingly low weekend round-trip fares.β€’ Some estimates of the round-trip transactions costs involved in stock index arbitrage are set out in Table 5.1.
From Longman Business Dictionaryround-tripˈround-trip adjective American English round-trip ticket/fare etcTRAVEL a ticket etc that allows you to travel to a place and back again SYN return ticket/fare BrEThe cheaper fares will apply only to round-trip tickets with a Saturday overnight stay.
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