1 adverb, preposition
round1 S2 W2 especially British English also around
1 surrounding or on all sides of something or someone:
We sat round the table playing cards.
Gather round! I have an important announcement to make.
He put his arm gently round her waist.
I kept the key on a chain round my neck.
The ballroom's huge, with windows all the way round.
There was a lovely courtyard with tables all round.
2 used to say that someone or something turns so that they face in the opposite direction:
When he turned round I recognised him immediately.
Graham glanced round, startled by the voice behind him.
3 in or to many places or parts of an area:
Reggie went round making sure all the lights were off.
Leah showed me round on my first day at the office.
A guide took us round the palace and gardens.
He spent a whole year travelling round Europe.
She looked round the room as though leaving it for the last time.
changes that are affecting the weather all round the world
4 moving in a circle:
She watched the clock hands go round.
An aeroplane was circling round far overhead.
Until the 16th century people believed that the sun went round the earth.
He stared at the washing machine, just watching the clothes go round and round.
a shoal of tiny fish swimming round in circles
5 informal if you go round to someone's house, you go to their house, usually to visit them:
I might go round to Nigel's this evening.
He's invited us round for dinner.
We'll be round (=will arrive) at seven.
6 to other people or positions:
A big box of chocolates was handed round.
He'd moved his furniture round.
7 on the other side of something, or to the other side of it without going through it or over it:
He ran round to open Kate's door for her.
There must be another entrance round the back.
I watched the two boys disappear round the corner.
round to
She came round to his side of the desk.
8 in the area near a particular place:
Much of the countryside round Hinkley Point is given over to agriculture.
Do you live round here?
He owned all the land round about (=in the surrounding area).

round about

spoken informal also round used when guessing a number, amount, time etc without being exact [= approximately]:
We got there round about half past nine.
He's round about the same age as my son.
It must have been round midnight when I saw him.
10 used to show that someone spends time in a place without doing anything useful:
People were just standing round and not doing anything to help.
11 if something is organized round a particular person or thing, it is organized according to their needs, wishes, ideas etc:
Working from home, she could arrange her hours round her children.
He had built his whole existence round her.
12 a way round a difficult situation or problem is a way to solve it or avoid it:
She's going to have to buy a car. I can't see any other way round it.
strategies to get round (=solve) the problem
13TM used to show the length of a line surrounding something:
The park was about five miles round.
all round

➔ go round in circles

at circle1 (5)

➔ (a)round the clock

at clock1 (2)

➔ (just) around/round the corner

at corner1 (9)

➔ first/second time round

at time1 (3)

➔ way round

at way1 (24)

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