Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: roont, from Latin rotundus


2 adjective
Related topics: Shapes, Patterns, Numbers
round2 S1 W2
1CF shaped like a circle:
a big round table
Jamie's eyes grew round with delight.
2CF shaped like a ball:
small round berries
3 fat and curved:
round chubby cheeks
4HMN [only before noun] a round number or figure is a whole number, often ending in 0:
Let's make it a round figure: say £50?
in round figures (=expressed as the nearest 10, 100, 1000 etc)
Altogether, in round figures, there are about three thousand students here.
a round hundred/dozen etc (=a complete hundred etc)

➔ a square peg in a round hole

at square1 (12)
roundness noun [uncountable]

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