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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroutinelyrou‧tine‧ly /ruːˈtiːnli/ ●○○ adverb  USUALLYif something is routinely done, it is done as a normal part of a process or job syn regularly This vaccine is already routinely used.
Examples from the Corpus
routinelyAt the very least, I routinely encourage him to reread what he has written.The staff routinely ignored my requests.Countries now routinely providing vitamin A have virtually eliminated vitamin Arelated blindness and death.Because of the responsibilities of earning the dough, fathers have routinely sacrificed raising the kids.And, like Sir Geoffrey and Mr Heseltine, he routinely sets up federalism as a straw man to knock down.We routinely test patients for high blood pressure and diabetes.The cars are routinely tested for safety and reliability before leaving the factory.It later emerged that prisoners at the camp were routinely tortured, and many executed.Traditionally, ostertagiasis has been prevented by routinely treating young cattle with anthelmintics over the period when pasture larval levels are increasing.Many precautions have been devised to avoid contamination, but scrupulous housekeeping is essential in any laboratory routinely undertaking the reaction.
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