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Rogers, Roy

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRogers, RoyRoy RogersRogers, Roy /rɔɪ/  (1912–98) a US film and television actor and singer who usually appeared as a cowboy. He is best known for the 1950s television programme The Roy Rogers Show, in which he appeared with his wife Dale Evans (1912–2001) and his horse Trigger. At the end of the programme they always sang the song Happy Trails to You.Roy RogersRoy Ro‧gers /ˌrɔɪ ˈrɒdʒəz $ -ˈrɑːdʒərz/ noun  a popular drink for children in the US, made from lemonade and grenadine (=a sweet red liquid), and served with a cherry. Roy Rogers are usually served in restaurants, and they are sometimes called shirley temples if they are served to girls. see also Rogers, Roy
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