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Royal Commission

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Royal CommissionˌRoyal Comˈmission noun [countable]  PGPADVISEa group of people chosen by the British government to make suggestions about a subject that the government thinks may need new laws
Examples from the Corpus
Royal CommissionThis problem was examined in the 1908 Royal Commission on the Metropolitan Police.The health managers have taken another look at the options examined by the Royal Commission.An attempt to provide such a strategy was made by the Royal Commission on Legal Services, which reported in 1979.In addition to these main units of local government, the Royal Commission proposed both provincial and local councils.After criticism from, among others, the Royal Commission on Trade Unions of 1868, these arrangements were improved.The Royal Commission did not believe that the existing local authorities were in a position to meet the challenges they had identified.The Royal Commission rejected that solution as too oppressive, smacking of government censorship.
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