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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrubberyrub‧ber‧y /ˈrʌbəri/ adjective  1 HARDlooking or feeling like rubber rubbery eggs rubbery lipssee thesaurus at hard2 WEAKif your legs or knees are rubbery, they feel weak or unsteady
Examples from the Corpus
rubberyThe steak was a little rubbery.The stone within can be peeled away as before - it feels rubbery and soft.Her legs look puffed up, rubbery, but they keep moving.Something about his rubbery features and squeaky voice trigger my cootie detector.The white, rubbery fluid spread over the metal skin, hiding the crater from view.And even a non- biology major could tell the rubbery item with the tentacles was obviously related to an octopus.
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