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rubbingrub‧bing /ˈrʌbɪŋ/ noun [countable]  AVa copy of a shape or pattern made by rubbing wax, chalk etc onto a piece of paper laid over it a brass rubbing
Examples from the Corpus
rubbingByzantine Follis I enclose wax impressions and a rubbing of what I think to be a coin.These are two photos and a rubbing.I found it difficult to take a rubbing so, despite my lack of artistic ability, I've drawn a sketch.It was magnificent and would come up a treat with a rubbing of linseed oil.a brass rubbingThe wound had become infected by the constant rubbing of a heavy load.Because of the amount of hard rubbing needed to achieve a good finish, oil polishing is best confined to plain surfaces.At last, rubbing his eyes, Amphitryon sat up again.These brought in the cash, but had to be meticulously types with no rubbing out, or so they said.brass rubbingThe old dining-room is now a brass rubbing centre and the drawing-room is used for meetings and lectures.He began to make a collection of brass rubbings.