Date: 1300-1400
Language: Anglo-French
Origin: rubbous, perhaps from Old French robe; ROBE


1 noun
Related topics: Arts
rub‧bish1 S3 [uncountable] especially British English
1 food, paper etc that is no longer needed and has been thrown away [= garbage AmE, trash AmE]
rubbish tip/dump (=a place to take rubbish)
2 informal objects, papers etc that you no longer use and should throw away:
I've got so much rubbish on my desk it's unbelievable.
3 informal an idea, statement, etc that is rubbish is silly or wrong and does not deserve serious attention [= nonsense; = garbage AmE]
You do talk rubbish sometimes.
The suggestion is absolute rubbish.
rubbish! spoken (=used to tell someone that what they have just said is completely wrong)
4 informalA a film, book etc that is rubbish is very bad:
the usual Hollywood rubbish

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