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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrudderlessrud‧der‧less /ˈrʌdələs $ -dər-/ adjective  NOT HAVEwithout someone to lead you or give you an aim or direction a company left rudderless by the resignation of its CEO
Examples from the Corpus
rudderlessSome historians think that when Mao died, China was left rudderless.Without Ixora he was rudderless, a man with no purpose.Over and over again in the past few weeks he has shown himself to be leading a rudderless, aimless Government.It exasperated his grandmother to see this forceful spirit drifting like a rudderless boat, directed neither to work nor to leisure.Good or evil ... These were considered old-fashioned terms in a morally rudderless society, Trent thought with more sadness than bitterness.Within the industry, the consequences of a rudderless Whitehall were welcomed at the commercial grass roots level.
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