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ruddyrud‧dy /ˈrʌdi/ adjective  1 HBHa ruddy face looks pink and healthy opp sallow a ruddy complexion ruddy cheeks2 literaryCC red The fire cast a ruddy glow over the room.3 EMPHASIZE[only before noun] British English informal used to emphasize what you are saying, especially when you are annoyed with someone or something syn bloody, damn I wish that ruddy dog would stop barking!ruddiness noun [uncountable]ruddy adverb
Examples from the Corpus
ruddyIn the kitchen, Jonathon and Victoria, ruddy and brilliant with cold water, sat before untasted bowls of porridge.His bearded, ruddy face looks out in all manner of advertising, barroom testimonials, shirts and other tourist items.Laz pumps my hand in a blustering manner that sends his straight hair bobbing over his ruddy face.What a ruddy nightmare the whole blasted show is, he thought.Mine itches the very moment I see the ruddy school letter.In his late forties he was tall and spare, with a ruddy skin and bright blue eyes.
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