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rude awakening/shock

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrude awakening/shockrude awakening/shockREALIZEa situation in which you suddenly realize something unpleasant If they expect the match to be friendly, they’re in for a rude awakening. rude
Examples from the Corpus
rude awakening/shockBut shopping for food in Miyako brought a rude shock.But, come the morning, Ronni was in for a rude awakening.Conservative elements steeped in uniformitarian philosophy cannot be expected to welcome such a rude awakening.The case has gone against the Pings, but it was a rude shock in a world of gentlemen.Renters who move into a vacated apartment face the rude awakening of the market rate an owner is permitted to charge.This rude awakening was, however, still a few years away at the time when Dustin joined.The only good thing about his rude awakening was the discovery of a gigantic hedgehog behind one of the goalposts.
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