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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrudimentsru‧di‧ments /ˈruːdəmənts/ noun [plural]  formalSIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATED the most basic parts of a subject, which you learn first syn basicsrudiments of the rudiments of windsurfing
Examples from the Corpus
rudimentsAnd he was now teaching young Patsy, unbeknownst to his elder brothers, the rudiments of the noble art of self-defence.It turned out he had had the rudiments of classicism flogged into him as a schoolboy.The left alone has the rudiments of a comprehensive rational critique which could challenge it.Her first pupils all now knew the rudiments of typing.It was here that I had to learn the rudiments of technique.Oscar De La Hoya was learning the rudiments of seven-card stud poker.So, the rudiments of the game are securely locked in.Or sit in a tiny planetarium for an introduction to the rudiments of stellar navigation.rudiments ofCoach Phillips taught me the rudiments of the game.
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