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rumrum1 /rʌm/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DFDa strong alcoholic drink made from sugar, or a glass of this drink
Examples from the Corpus
rumThe Lords are a famously rum bunch.From beneath it he pulled a fifth of rum.Trent thanked him and poured another round of rum.Stephen asked Christina for a splash of rum in his lime squash and Michael Stein followed suit.I bought some rum in special, but those boys finished that.Mix chocolate with dry ingredients, add the rum.Then came the rum, and talk began again.The rum was making me happy, or else just dizzy.
rumrum2 adjective old-fashioned  STRANGEunusual or strange
Examples from the Corpus
rumRunning the rum shack was a lone, bold and beautiful woman, with the unlikely name of Madonna.
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