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rumblingrum‧bling /ˈrʌmblɪŋ/ noun  1 rumblings2 [countable usually singular]CSSOUND a series of long low sounds We heard a rumbling behind us.
Examples from the Corpus
rumblingOver the five days of the championship there have been rumblings about the ice and the stones.There are similar internal domestic rumblings.But it's different, there's a strange hush in the air and the endless rumbling of 50,000 cannon shells.But as the decade wore on, there came the first rumblings that something was wrong.As he left, the crowd broke up, and I heard rumblings of disappointment about having to hang around.These techniques smooth ruffled feathers, paper over cracks, subdue ominous rumblings.I hear moans, shrieks, rumbling, and clatter.There are similar rumblings to the east.the rumbling of thunderThere were rumblings of discontent among the students.
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