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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrumouredru‧moured British English, rumored American English /ˈruːməd $ -ərd/ verb   be rumoured
Examples from the Corpus
rumouredGraham Ferguson Lacey, with 20 percent, is expected in London shortly and a share placing is rumoured.Perhaps Mr Bush will not be as good as was first rumoured, but why the sudden turnaround in sentiment?It was rumoured that banknotes were never withdrawn from circulation but simply frayed away.It was rumoured that Frederick had attempted to encourage Alexander to crown or at least support the coronation of his son Henry.He was wealthy, but it was rumoured that he was a heavy gambler and lost large sums in Monte Carlo.In the city it was rumoured that the Emperor was already dead.The deal, though its precise value is closely guarded, is rumoured to rank as the largest leasing transaction of 1991.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrumouredru‧moured /ˈruːməd-ərd/ British English, rumored American English adjective if something is rumoured to be true, people are saying secretly or unofficially that it is trueSeveral companies were rumoured to be among the bidders for the airline.a rumored reorganization of the company
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