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run a bath

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun a bathrun a bathDHHto fill a bath with water I could hear her running a bath upstairs.run somebody a bath Could you run me a nice hot bath while I finish my meal? run
Examples from the Corpus
run somebody a bathAt five-thirty they made gentle love; then Felicity ran a bath.Christine eased out of bed and into the bathroom and ran a hot bath.Skin brushing need take no longer than five minutes each time and can be done while you run the bath.She ran her bath, cut her nails viciously one by one.She changed into her dressing-gown as Ronnie ran the bath for her.She ran the bath, loading it with bubble-bath, and sank down into the water.Marigold was running a bath, stepping into the water.Claudia ran Dana's bath, testing the water carefully.
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