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run a risk

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun a riskrun a riskRISKto be in a situation where there is a possibility that something bad could happen to yourun the risk of doing something Anyone travelling without a passport runs the risk of being arrested. risk
Examples from the Corpus
run the risk of doing somethingArcher understood that he ran the risk of having his mandate withdrawn, and for some obscure reason he disliked the prospect.At least she wouldn't run the risk of bumping into Julius in the shower.But any brief lay summary runs the risk of getting things wrong.But even were Mr Li to harbour such intentions, he would run the risk of seeing Mr Zhu come out shining.Even so they could have done with cutting the lineouts more, even though this strategy runs the risks of cluttering the midfield.He did not want to run the risk of being brushed off.To adopt too critical or enquiring a position at this stage would be to run the risk of alienation.Training costs money, and the pioneering firms that take this path run the risk of having their workers poached by rivals.
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