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run amok

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun amokrun amoka) VIOLENTto suddenly behave in a very violent and uncontrolled way Drunken troops ran amok in the town. b) to get out of control and cause a lot of problems an age in which global capitalism has run amok amok
Examples from the Corpus
run amokBut speculation about whether he had accomplices has run amok.No, our kids are not running amok.There were Peace Rallies in the 1960s, with stone-throwing anarchists running amok.I think Mum worried that I might run amok and stick my penknife straight into Katie.The Zekes come in against the line of P-40s, one runs amok as others erupt in flames.Double-entendre lyrics run amok at this sonic strip club from hell.Don't let him go running amok, Bill.Troops were allowed to run amok in the villages.With Thatcher running amok through the welfare state, lobby groups are preoccupied defending what was once thought unassailable.
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