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run/go dry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun/go dryrun/go dryDNDRYif a lake, river etc runs dry, all the water gradually disappears, especially because there has been no rain The river ran dry last summer. dry
Examples from the Corpus
run/go dryEvery available hotel room was rented out and, on some weekends, county gasoline pumps ran dry.If the trend continues, he said, the springs will go dry.Stock tanks normally brimming with water have gone dry.The rivers, too, are beginning to run dry.If the valve has jammed shut, causing the feed-and-expansion tank to run dry, again turn off the water supply.With this agreement, our families are for ever linked, even if the rivers run dry and the oceans become deserts.The reservoir ran dry during the drought.Time allowed 00:06 Read in studio A soft drinks company says its could run dry if it doesn't get enough elderflowers.Laura McCaffrey went dry slope skiing at Calshot Activities Centre, .
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