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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun-of-the-millˌrun-of-the-ˈmill adjective  ORDINARYnot special or interesting in any way syn ordinary a run-of-the-mill performance
Examples from the Corpus
run-of-the-millThere is still scope therefore for the artist, but no longer for the run-of-the-mill artist, in scientific illustration.Detective Harris could see this was not going to be a run-of-the-mill case.The company is out telling run-of-the-mill customers not to expect any real deliveries until at least October.Products such as highly-priced porcelain will be subject to far higher quality controls than run-of-the-mill household earthenware.A design on this sort of scale would be worth ten times the run-of-the-mill jobs she had completed just recently.And that's for run-of-the-mill managers.Nothing very average or run-of-the-mill or mediocre about that, now is there?Ordinary run-of-the-mill players are built up into footballing geniuses.Science popularisers often make the same claim, dismissing the Sun as just a run-of-the-mill star.
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