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run the gauntlet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun the gauntletrun the gauntletCRITICIZEto be criticized or attacked by a lot of people The foreign secretary ran the gauntlet of demonstrators. gauntlet
Examples from the Corpus
run the gauntletSo it was rather a question of running the gauntlet when passing over the Sayers' land.John and all the celebrities had to run the gauntlet of gun muzzles.But in announcing the move Chris Dean had to run the gauntlet of press more interested in his private life.Yet neither of them had to run the gauntlet of hate that Barmby has experienced.As they left afterwards, they had to run the gauntlet of television cameras and reporters.Their budgets are closely controlled by Congress and any departmental legislative proposals will have to run the gauntlet of Congressional scrutiny.A defendant should be required to run the gauntlet of the criminal court system only once.They recognized that some of their objectives could be reached by administrative action without running the gauntlet of the legislative process.
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