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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrundownrun‧down /ˈrʌndaʊn/ noun [singular]  1 BBREDUCEthe process of making a business or industry smaller and less importantrundown of the rundown of British Steel’s activities in Scotland2 SUMMARIZEa quick report or explanation of an idea, situation etcrundown on Connors promised to give me a rundown on local police activity.
Examples from the Corpus
rundownWhat follows is a rundown of all the ways one company tries to market its products.Here is a rundown on the outdoor activities available in the resort.Here's a rundown of the wines you're most likely to find in local wine stores.Yartsov and 12 other families who were assigned rundown concrete one-room hovels clustered in a muddy field.I want a complete rundown of what's been happening while I've been away.Radical breaks on stamp duty are planned to entice house buyers into rundown areas.The problem in La Meinau is simply a problem of rundown suburbs, and nothing else.An old rickety rundown rooming house was the scene of some kind of tragedy.So maybe he already had the rundown on me when he gave me that sexy sneaky grin that day.We did it simply by foreseeing the situation and starting the rundown early enough by stopping recruitment.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrundownrun‧down /ˈrʌndaʊn/ noun [singular]1a quick report or explanation of an idea, situation etcrundown ofCan you give me a rundown of everything you discussed in the meeting?2when a business or industry is made smaller and less importantThe rundown continued and hospitals continued to close.
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