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running costs

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrunning costsˈrunning costs noun [plural]  COSTthe amount of money needed to operate an organization, system, machine etc
Examples from the Corpus
running costsEven if the crèche is already built, running costs can be considerable.The only qualification is being able to afford a Ferrari and its running costs.Some methods of treatment require plants that cost more than others. whereas some processes may have much lower running costs.Planned maintenance minimises unforeseen breakdowns, reduces machine running costs and ensures optimum machine availability.The corporation has prepared a detailed indication of running costs for the new hovercraft.The £1,050 grant from Cleveland County Council will go towards rent, running costs, training and subscriptions for a year.Assume also that running costs are financed with credit until receipts are received.Can you afford the running costs and maintenance costs?
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