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running water

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrunning waterrunning watera) DHHWATERif a house has running water, it has pipes which provide water to its kitchen, bath, toilet etc b) DNWATERwater that is flowing or moving the sound of running water Rinse the vegetables thoroughly under running water. running
Examples from the Corpus
running waterThey lived in a one-room trailer with no running water.We hike up a little more than a mile and find running water.The sound of running water could be heard like faint background music.The village and ashram had no running water, electricity, fans, radio, or telephone.In addition Drake set up artificial ecologies in aquaria and in running water for artificial stream ecologies.A sophisticated technology brought running water into private homes, public bathhouses and imperial palaces.They have no electricity, running water or school; their church collapsed years ago.Somehow, over the running water, she finally heard the loud knocking on the cabin door.We were looked at with the same sense of distrust that must have greeted the first plumber who installed running water there.Although during the winter there had been no running water this had been restored at least in the centre of the town.
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