2 adjective
running2 [only before noun]

running water

a) DHH if a house has running water, it has pipes which provide water to its kitchen, bath, toilet etc
b) water that is flowing or moving:
the sound of running water
Rinse the vegetables thoroughly under running water.

running commentary

a spoken description of an event, especially a race or game, made while the event is happening:
She gave us a running commentary on what was happening in the street.

running total

HMN a total that keeps being increased as new costs, amounts etc are added:
Keep a running total of your expenses as you go along.

running battle/joke

an argument or joke that continues or is repeated over a long period of time

running sore

MI a sore area on your skin that has liquid coming out of it

in running order

a machine that is in running order is working correctly

the running order

the order in which the different parts of an event have been arranged to take place

take a running jump

spoken used to tell someone to go away and stop annoying you

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