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runnyrun‧ny /ˈrʌni/ adjective informal  1 MIa runny nose, runny eyes etc have liquid coming out of them, usually because you have a cold2 LIQUIDfood that is runny is not as solid or thick as normal or as desired The butter had gone runny in the heat.
Examples from the Corpus
runnyThe scrambled eggs were a little bit runny.Add water if pilaf is getting too dry; pilaf should end up moist but not runny.Scrambled eggs and omelets from this product, however, were wet, runny, and lacked the egg aroma.They look all right but taste bland and the filling turns to runny brown jam once warmed up.The woman's dark like runny chocolate, her skin all smooth and beautiful.I've caught Tom's horrid runny cold!runny custardShe put her arms around his waist; her tears and runny nose wet his shirt.Reintroducing those foods brings the bad behaviour back along with the wheezing or runny nose.And you have to consult baby pictures to remember what your kids looked like without raw, runny noses.a boiled egg with a runny yolk
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