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rupeeru‧pee /ruːˈpiː/ noun [countable]  PECthe standard unit of money in India, Pakistan, and some other countries
Examples from the Corpus
rupeeThey do the operation and keep the woman there for about an hour then give her 50 rupees.The watchman looked at me expectantly so of course I had to say how nice it was and also donate five rupees.The new measures would effectively add some 4,050 million rupees to the fiscal deficit.Single rupee sachets comprise about 70 per cent of the company's shampoo sales.In November the government had been forced to revalue its gold reserves to provide additional cover for the rupee.The budget envisaged, for the first time, the partial free convertibility of the rupee.From this they went oil to the rupee, which they discussed for a full ten minutes.If a beggar demanded two rupees instead of the one given, Dilip grabbed the first rupee back.
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