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rush to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrush to do somethingrush to do somethingHURRYto do something very quickly and without delay I rushed to pack my suitcase before she came back. He rushed to help his comrade. rush
Examples from the Corpus
rush to do somethingInvestors rushed to buy the newly issued stocks.First-aid workers rushed to her and after about 10 minutes carried her out on a stretcher.We rushed to join in, to help Dad.We have to rush to join the others in our foursome.When it stops, everyone rushes to stand on the newspapers.Thus the wise medical investigator assesses an apparent difference for biological implications before rushing to statistics.You rush to the gym, and... oh no!Everyone within 100 yards dropped their cell phones and rushed to the scrum.These little fishes become quite tame and will respond at feeding time by rushing to their food like a litter of puppies.
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