Sense: 1-6, 7-8
Date: 1300-1400
Origin: RUSH1
Sense: 6
Origin: Old English risc


2 noun
Related topics: Plants, College

fast movement

[singular] a sudden fast movement of things or people
rush of air/wind/water
She felt a cold rush of air as she wound down her window.
in a rush
Her words came out in a rush.
At five past twelve there was a mad rush to the dinner hall.


[singular,uncountable] a situation in which you need to hurry:
I knew there would be a last-minute rush to meet the deadline.
Don't worry, there's no rush. We don't have to be at the station until 10.
do something in a rush (=do something quickly because you need to hurry)
I had to do my homework in a rush because I was late.
be in a rush
I'm sorry, I can't talk now - I'm in a rush.

busy period

the rush

the time in the day, month, year etc when a place or group of people is particularly busy [↪ peak]:
The café is quiet until the lunchtime rush begins.
the Christmas rush
rush hour

people wanting something

[singular] a situation in which a lot of people suddenly try to do or get something
rush on
There's always a rush on swimsuits in the hot weather.
rush to do something
the rush to put computers in all schools
gold rush


a) informal a sudden strong, usually pleasant feeling that you get from taking a drug or from doing something exciting [↪ high]:
The feeling of power gave me such a rush.

rush of anger/excitement/gratitude etc

a sudden very strong feeling of anger etc:
I felt a rush of excitement when she arrived.
A rush of jealousy swept through her.


[countable usually plural]HBP a type of tall grass that grows in water, often used for making baskets



[plural]AMF the first prints of a film before it has been edited [= dailies American English]

american students

[uncountable] American EnglishSEC the time when students in American universities who want to join a fraternity or sorority (=type of club) go to a lot of parties in order to try to be accepted:
rush week

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