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Brand, Russell

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishBrand, RussellRussell BrandBrand, Rus·sell /brænd, ˈrʌsəl/   (1975-) a British comedian, actor, and writer who presents radio and television programmes. Brand is known for his bohemian appearance. He wears black clothes and has long shaggy hair. He used to have drug and alcohol problems, but is now patron for a charity organization which helps people with addictions. He often performs as a stand-up comedian, and has presented TV programmes such as Big Brother’s Big Mouth, 1 Leicester Square, and Russell Brand’s Got Issues. His autobiography My Booky Wook was published in 2007. He resigned from the BBC after he and Jonathan Ross, another radio presenter, made rude joke phone calls to the actor Andrew Sachs about his granddaughter during a radio show. This event became known as 'Sachsgate' in the press. Brand is married to the American pop singer Katy Perry.
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